How We Work

With Fundraisers

Collect funds for yourself, your organization/group, or any valid non-profit in the US, with the click of a button.

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With Donors

The only Fundraiser Marketplace that allows you to win Prizes and earn Reward Offers for charitable giving.

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How We Work With Fundraisers

CAUSIO brings the power of today's socially active global community to you, helping you create engaging fundraisers and reach a new audience of donors.


You are an individual who wishes to raise money for yourself, your local group/club, or on behalf of a Causio-verified non-profit


You represent a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that would like to raise money for itself and its causes


You represent a product or brand that would like to offer sweepstakes prizes to support a Causio-verified non-profit


You represent a political campaign that would like to accept donations on behalf of a candidate

 Get Started Easily

In Just A Few Clicks

Getting started is a breeze with CAUSIO. Just create your account, tell us a little about yourself, and create your first fundraiser in minutes.

Use Your Social Login

With just one click we can log you in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft account and skip a few steps.

 Choose Where To Send Donations

Support Yourself or a Non-Profit

Search our database of thousands of verified non-profits to select who you want to support.

Split Donations

If you're not raising money for yourself, you can support multiple non-profits and split a donation between them.

 Entice Donors With Offers

Let Us Manage Available Quantities

If something you're offering has a limited supply, tell us how much you have and when you restock so we can let donors know if there are any left.

Rewards Library

We save the offers you create into the Rewards Library so that you can re-use that offer on each of your fundraisers.

 Run A Sweepstakes Drawing

Offer One Or More Prizes

You decide how many prizes you want to offer and how many winners can win each prize. Then we do all of the complex random selection for you. And we include all the necessary legalese.

Set Drawing Entry Options

How much should an entry cost? If entries are $5 and someone donates $50, they'll get 10 entries. But you can cap that. And offer extra entries for Social Sharing.

 Plan Ahead With Scheduling

Set A Start Date

Save yourself some hassle and plan ahead by setting fundraisers to start in the future. We'll automatically activate them at the right time and close them when you tell us to.

Recurring Sweepstakes

If you're running sweepstakes drawings, schedule them to recur automatically and we'll run the drawing and then start up the next one right after.

 Share & Promote Your Fundraiser

Global Social Reach

By promoting your fundraiser and asking donors to share it, you can reach a broader audience of potential donors.

Social Influencers

Our proprietary Share Links will help you identify which donors are sharing and generating more donations for you.

How We Work With Donors

Welcome to the Fundraising Marketplace, where you can find causes you want to support while earning rewards and entering to win prizes.

When You Give, We All Win

  • Even small donations can add up to great things
  • Win Prizes and earn Rewards for your contributions
  • Sometimes it's up to you to select the non-profit
  • Click-to-Donate makes donations a click away
  • Share with your friends to spread the word...
  • ...and earn more chances to win Offers & Prizes

 Browse & Donate Anonymously...

No Sign Up Or Account Required

You don't have to register to make a donation, and you choose how much information you want to share with the fundraiser.

 ...Or Create An Account

Use Your Social Login

With just one click we can log you in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft account and fill in some details for you.

We'll Remember You

Check a box so that we remember you the next time you come back so you can skip logging in again.

100% Secure

We ensure the safety of your information with industry-leading encryption and transmission protocols.

 Sign Up For Click-to-Donate

Giving At Its Easiest

We take all of the hassle out of online donations by securely storing your credit card information in our vault so you can donate with just a click.

100% Opt-In & Secure

You don't have to use Click-to-Donate if you don't want to store this information with us, but if you do, we encrypt your information with your own password to keep it safe.

 Sometimes You Decide Who To Support

The Choice Is Yours

Sometimes a sweepstakes or fundraiser will give you, the donor, the option of where to send your donation.

Search The Database

Our database of verified US non-profits has thousands and thousands of charities, so if you have a particular cause in mind, we'll likely be able to send the donation their way.

Split The Donation

If you choose to support more than one non-profit, you can decide how to split your donation between them. Just keep in mind that each non-profit must receive a minimum of $15.