Our Story

  • CAUSIO was founded on the idea that we can leverage the power of large numbers of small donations to make meaningful changes in the world. That every one of us has a few extra dollars, that we could use that five bucks on a donation rather than our third espresso of the day, and through these small donations make an impact and change the world.

    And we can win some sweet swag along the way.

Proven Track Record

This team has spent their careers building scalable and secure online platforms working with the world's largest financial institutions, advertising agencies, and data analytics shops. You can trust us with your data.

A Passion For Change

We believe down to our core that we can affect real change in the world by creating a unique and engaging environment to get people into the habit of frequent charitable small-batch giving.

Creative Ideas

We have no shortage of ideas on what we want to do with this platform and where want to go with it. We plan to innovate for years to come, adding more and more interesting features to help you run a fundraiser or entice you to donate again and again.

A Team Of Experts

If you need help getting your fundraiser going or promoting your fundraiser through a marketing campaign, our Fundraiser Services Team is here to lend a hand. We come from a background in marketing implementation and our project experts will guide you to the right solution.

CAUSIO was started by Kevin Ulland, a serial startup entrepreneur and software developer (who should really spend less time writing code). Along with a small team of dedicated folks, we're working every day to find new and interesting ways to turn the internet into a better tool for good.