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 Get Involved & Speak Up

Discover the issues that you and your community are facing and find out how to take action, speak up, and get involved in shaping the world around you.

Support An Issue

Elected officials need to hear from us when we support them, not just when we oppose them. Issues sometimes require vocal support to ensure actions are taken.

Oppose An Issue

You might not have voted for your elected representative, but they still need to hear from you when you oppose the actions they are considering. And the ones you did vote for won't always get it right either.

Don't Waste Our Time

Sometimes elected officials can waste precious political capital on nonsense issues that you don't care about. Reach out and let them know this issue should be ignored as a waste of time.

Federal Officials

We'll match you with your Senators and Representatives, whether they're on certain committees or just need to be contacted in general.

State & Local

Not everything happens at the federal level. Local and State issues can be influenced by contacting those local officials.

Other Actions

There are also cases where anyone can call a phone number, fill out a contact form, or somehow reach out, regardless of their elected officials.

How To Get Started

It's quick and easy to get involved and make a difference in your community and country.

Get Involved!

Enter Your Address

Use the address where you're registered to vote. We need more than just your zip code to match you to specific districts.

We Find Your Elected Representatives

From your Federal Senators and Representatives down to the local city comptroller, we'll find them all.

We Match Representatives To Issues

We know which issues your elected officials have jurisdiction over and we make sure you only see Issues you can take action on.

Pledge to Take Action

We'll help you call, email, write, or tweet about the issue with predefined scripts and reminders to take action daily or weekly.


Want to suggest issues for people to take action on and manage a community of activists?

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