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 Get People Involved In Issues You Care About

Publish issues that you and your community are facing and help others figure out how to take action, speak up, and get involved in shaping the world around you.

Support An Issue

Elected officials need to hear from us when we support them, not just when we oppose them. Issues sometimes require vocal support to ensure actions are taken.

Oppose An Issue

You might not have voted for your elected representative, but they still need to hear from you when you oppose the actions they are considering. And the ones you did vote for won't always get it right either.

Don't Waste Our Time

Sometimes elected officials can waste precious political capital on nonsense issues that you don't care about. Reach out and let them know this issue should be ignored as a waste of time.

Creating An Issue

It's quick and easy to get involved and make a difference in your community and country.

It's Easy

Tell The Story

Describe the issue you want people to care about. Be specific and provide details on what is going on and how people can take action.

Add Supporting Media

Have a video or images that help explain the issue? Upload them to the Media Gallery.

Specify Who To Contact

From the Federal Government down to the Comptroller of your city, select who should be contacted. Search by state, committee, name, or role to find elected officials. Use the "Other" option to provide things like survey links or phone numbers anyone can call.

Provide Suggested Messages & Scripts

Help people to call, email, write, or tweet about the issue with predefined scripts. We provide some basic templates for you to start from.

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